Below are some commercial works that are released where the music was created by the composer, producer Matt McCarrin.  Some Movies, Commercials, and Music Video performances listed below.

The most recent movie with music score composed by Matt McCarrin was a Charles S. Dutton – Golden Globe Actor produced and directed movie “Must Be The Music” about the behind the scenes life of a Philadelphia Record Executive who eventually seeks salvation.  The Movie has not yet been released but below is the trailer!

[youtube_video id=”sjGUKHtPMFk” height=”” width=””]

Penguins!  A music score for a discovery channel promo for Planet Earth by Matt McCarrin!
[youtube_video id=”ifIFjF53fqk” height=”” width=””]

Lemurs a music score for a Discovery Channel promo for Planet Earth by Matt McCarrin!
[youtube_video id=”rDoyRNeGOaw” height=”” width=””]

Orchestration Samples over 3d Animation video.
[youtube_video id=”s29ZmfFWQUI” height=”” width=””]

Original Jazz piano demonstration:
[youtube_video id=”w6IfE9dkNYY” height=”” width=””]

Sheet Music written and video commercial produced by Matt McCarrin for more info see :
[youtube_video id=”w09m_PhOIrw” height=”” width=””]

Cody Kahmar’s Single “Hear My Call” which reached 33 on the national independent radio charts produced by Matt McCarrin!

[youtube_video id=”-4ySLE0uYDM” height=”” width=””]

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